Wild Life packages is a package in the area of Tangkoko national park with width of 8.718ha and which is topography from 0 meter to 1.109 about sea level (Mt. Tangkoko and Mt. Dua sudara) In 1861 AR Wallace has collected the data about the life of the various Sulawesi animal and 1980 has been dated 26 kinds of mamalia, which among 10 of them are endemic Sulawesi, 140 kinds of birds where 59 kinds of birds are Sulawesi endemic and 5 kinds of animals are north Sulawesi’s endemic.

We can enjoy also trekking in Tangkoko rain forest and exploring half from “the Wallace line” which is the place of Yaki or Monyet hitam (Macaca tongkeana), Tarsius (Tarsius spectrum) The smallest primate in the world, Small Sulawesi bear (Strigocuscus celebensis), Anoa, Tupai(Tupaia sp), Musang Sulawesi(Macrogalidia musschenbroekii), Burung taong ( Rhythitceras cassidix), Maleo (Macrocephalon maleo), Pergam hijau (Ducula aenea), Srigunting jambul rambut (Dicurus hottentottus), Jalak tungir merah (Scissirrostrum dubium), Raja udang pipi ungu (Cittura cyanotis), Udang merah Sulawesi (Ceyx fallax), Celepuk Sulawesi (Otus manadensis), Rangkok Sulawesi (Penelopides exarhatus), Serak Sulawesi (Tyto resenbergii) and many kinds of reptilian and turtles. 

Included :

Car with air conditioner,Cottages, Speaking guide, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Entrance ticket, Driver.

Requirement :

Trekking boot or trail shoes, Spare of shirt and pants, Personal medicine, personal food, Oil insects.

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