Summiting Carstensz on July 6th 2017 wouldn't be possible without our guide Bui Sondakh whose experience, patience, knowledge and being a great chef on the mountain made it happen for us. Bui made our expedition as enjoyable as possible without compromising professionalism and safety on the mountain. We were lucky to have a guide as Bui who summits Carstensz 4 to 5 times on a yearly basis, what more could you possibly ask for ? Thank you Bui for this unforgettable experience, your help in Timika and the delicious food at Base camp ! Ralph Kisso

* Testimony:
Serving one of the only remaining areas in the world that qualifies as truly "wild" Manado Explorer combines service and safety to their work - top notch all the way!!! 

Jeff Reynolds 

* Testimony:
In one sentence Brury was not only tipped by the team on his trip but was also tipped by the guys on an expedition led by another company he was that good! 
Calm, communicable, great cook, very experienced, nice guy and provider of Cadbury's Chocolate I'd have no hesitation in recommending Brury for any expedition and would happily use him again. 

Nik Pearson, Carstensz Pyramid November 2011

* Testimony:
Brury Sondakh is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent person to be organizing any trip to wild and exteme places.

* Testimony:
I was with the other company Nik is speaking of above. Brury provided us accurate information about the trek that our guide, a nice guy but new to this trek, was unable to give. Brury noticed I was walking alone because the guys I was with were much faster than I was (and our guide was much slower) and he offered to walk with me. He offered! Our team considered him our "go-to" person because of his knowledge of the trek, excellent communication skills, and positive attitude. The trek to Carstensz Pyramid was grueling and fascinating. You definitely want a good local guide. I recommend Brury because he is a great local guide. Thanks, Brury! 

Megan Delehanty, Carstensz Pyramid, 2011

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