Carstensz at Glance

History of the Carstensz peaks and New Guinea in 60 million years ago due to plate collision indo-pacific and indo-Australia on the seabed, the summit of Carstensz has a height 18.023 feet (4.884 meters) and is located at coordinates S 04°04.733 E 137°09.572 a located in the middle of the island of West Papua and in the mountainous region of Sumantri, Mimika regency, there are two major tribes that inhabit the area, Amungme tribe inhabiting mountainous areas, Kamoro tribe on the coast and still have spare kinship Dani / Lani tribe, Damal tribe, Mee tribe, Nduga tribe, Moni tribe.

In January 1623 a Dutchman, Jan Carstensz is the first man who saw the snowy peaks in the tropical area of Papua and almost 300 years later, in 1899 a Dutch expedition who made the map of the island of Papua and found peaks covered by snow as reported by Carstensz, and they called it Carstensz to respect the founder and Indonesia government gave the name "Glorious peaks" or “puncak jaya” or Victory peak or carstensz peak and  natives called Ngapulu and natives in Papua called it the mountain range of Sumantri and Sudirman is Ndugu - Nduguoo (Dani tribe) or Nemangkawi (Amunge tribe). Carstensz Pyramid is the highest peak in Australia/Oceania (16.023 feet/4884m) and also the one of seven summits in the World.

In 1962, A famous Austrian writer, Heinrich Harrer, known as an author of “Seven Years in Tibet” became the first man who climbed Carstensz and the highest Carstensz Pyramid.

There are two ways to reach the Base Camp of Carstensz Pyramid: First, with the classic way, there is trekking through Ilaga / Pinapa and Sugapa / Bilogai. It takes 4 -5 days to reach the base camp, through tropical rain forests and highland pastures. Secondly, you can arrive at base camp with helicopter directly.

To reach the top of Carstensz Pyramid takes 10 -12 hours round trip normally depends on weather and your climbing skills. Expert techniques of climbing is very important here, especially at 50m before the Summit Ridge. Before you get the top, you have to cross several gaps and tyro lean is the widest with 12-15m wide that must be crossed by passing the ropes or you can rappelling and ascending. After reach the top of Carstensz Pyramid, we climb down or rappelling using figure of eight.

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