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Manado Explorer have searched for those out of the way places that offer true adventure from the beauty of the underwater views and colorful fish and spectacular coral formations, Animal life and endangered species in the life of a tropical rain forest and beautiful volcano mountain scenery, We can see and we can feel the challenges of white water rafting and fresh natural hot spring baths, Beautiful active volcano lakes, See wealth increase our knowledge of local culture, Delicious local food add to your vacation or if you want to climb and conquer one of the world's seven summit Carstensz Pyramid in Lorentz National Park West Papua, Everything has been on the combines in the adventure tourism options packages.  

Manado Explorer is a company established by people who are experienced in managing adventure tourism tour and expeditions, We are committed to other and put the best services: Success, Safety, Satisfaction; we also help to maintain the natural and social environment balance by Manado Explorer Foundation.

Join us and get a new adventure experience from the natural beauty of the archipelago and see the lasting snow on equator area from Carstensz Pyramid. 

Contact Us: info(at)manadoexplorer.com   


Director, Guide                        Brury Sondakh / bui

Born and grew up in Manado, Active in the Development environment and Indonesia Red Cross since middle school until present, Member of the Indonesia Rafting Team in the world Whitewater rafting Championships 2001 at Gaulley river WV and from high school until college active in Manado climbing wall championships calendar and have also in 2009 taken American Mountain Guides Association AMGA Courses at Ashville NC.

In 1997 completed his studies at University of Sam Ratulangi Manado, Majoring in Social Science. Worked as a adventure travel guide and Since 2010 fifty-three times reach the top of Carstensz Pyramid with international expedition. 


Outbound Instructor, Guide      Ramlee Supit / Tete

Born and grow up in Manado while completing post-graduate study in University of Sam Ratulangi ( UNSRAT ) Manado majored in Resources Management as well as teaching staff in Manado Economic and Tourism Institute ( STIEPAR ) active in nature lover organizations, Adventures, Search and Rescue in North Sulawesi , Involved as a freelance facilitator and management indoor and outdoor training in several operators since 2000 also experienced as a mountain guide 


Coordinator Porters                               Willem Tabuni

Born and raise in papua highland and from Dani tribe experienced as a head of porters since 2007 with international expeditions 

Assistant Guide and Cooks        Lukas Sondegau

Born and grew up in Papua highland Sugapa district which is Moni tribe area, Coordinator porter since 2008, Smiling and strong labor also like to help others in 2011 join manado explorer  as an assistant guide and assistan cooks

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